The CYCLOPS journey!

The journey (of the Cyclops) had just started.

The start was not easy. Art. Tech. Teams. Community. It was a constant learning, still is! The NFT world can be very exhausting. There are so many layers to master in this space to be successful. I have to admit we probably did not everything 100% right. We have for example created the KVLT Zombies and although the art is really nice, we did not manage to understand the community and did not reach many with what we were buildng. There were less than 50 minted which was quite sad for the artist and the whole team.

Cyclops were slowly coming to life

Through our entire teams creative experience and our network we’ve quickly created an incredibly talented team around the IP @CyclopsCR that we have been producing for many months now with an exciting roadmap. And we are having so much fun!

Fast-Forward: Cyclops x Gevols

Many months fast forward we were building and building many layers of that project that eventually is going become a web3 media company, before selling any NFTs. During that process I reached out to the Gevol team for a collaboration, with little hope as we had not sold one single NFT of the Cyclops yet and our Twitter reach was not that good, to be honest.

Now what?

Well, first I feel proud of our team and the journey! It’s a testimonial that hard work and commitment will be seen and maybe be even rewarded.

One upcoming fun loop. We will do an Infinite Objects Project



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