The Cyclops Comics Treatment

3 min readFeb 15, 2022
The Cyclops Universe

In Phase 4 (late 2022) we are going to create a Comic Series which shall form the base layer of the Cyclops narrative.

Cansin has created many comics books in the Past, including “Der letzte Deutsche” which currently also aims to become a Film in collaboration. The comic book is a very important step in the Cyclops journey as it will outline the entire universe, conflicts and storyline of the Cyclops. This will also help us to create a Anime Version of the Cyclops and help us reach our end-goal: to create a Full Blown Large Film Production. We have created the first mini-expose of the Cyclops Comic book that we are sharing here with you.

This is still very rough and work-in-progress and we will add a of writers-rooms into our project.

The Comic Mini-Treatment / Expose

It is the year 2035 and the Cyclops, one-eyed creatures that look terrifying but could do nothing to a fly, are used by the human race to do the “dirty work” of society. They are garbage men, miners, or take on any strenuous work that they can do without any problem due to their size (2m) and strength (as strong as three adult men). The Cyclops themselves do not have high demands on life. Most of them live together with other Cyclops in ghettos that are partly delimited and partly controlled by borders. The Cyclops have their own TV shows, they have their own (very strange) eating habits and also their own rituals — a world of their own. Few and through a process selected so-called “integrated Cyclops” live with people, some of them have “worked their way up” and take on gardening jobs, are “Personal Assistants” or personal “Drivers”. They are the exceptions.

While the humans are unaware of any flaws about this form of cooperation and the Cyclops don’t know any better, a small group of revolutionary Cyclops are forming in the Cyclops underground. They form the group “Cyclops X”. The premise of “Cyclops X” is initially very different. Some demand better living conditions, more pay and more equality. Others demand a hard revolution and have social power claims. A separatist small part of “CYCLOPS X” splits off, among them a didactic scientist.

Through the work of that splitter group around the “Scientist” the unimaginable happens: a group around the scientist mutate a single Cyclops into an oversized Mega-Cyclops! The “Cyclops X” project spirals out of control. The mutated Mega-Cyclops runs through the streets and terrorizes people. A special unit must take out the Mega Cyclops. It makes the news around the world.

This event changes the relationship of the humans to the Cyclops and also the “friendly core” of all Cyclops themselves. From now on, nothing will be the same…

If you would like to participate in the journey and collaborate, you can always reach out to us. We are happy to talk.

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