Phase 1 — Update

2 min readFeb 10, 2022


ROADMAPS are here to stick to them like a manifesto?! Or are you better off remaining flexible and react to the interest of the community without really changing the bigger picture?!

We think the second part is correct. Although all major sets of our Roadmap (Phases) will remain fix, within the Phases there might always be little changes. One update & slight change of plans is happening now.

After we have sold out the first Genesis Walking Cyclops we have re-evaluated the initial idea of the “Looking Cyclops” and decided that they are not the best choice for now. We like them. We really do. We think they are great. But we figured it was not the best move to mint still “3D” Cyclops after the Walking Cyclops, especially if it is a 1/1 auction drop.

Walking Cyclops (Genesis) — Sold out

As we have Sandbox & Metaverse formulated within our Roadmap we have decided to skip the “Looking Cyclops” for now and instead publish 1 x Single “Transforming Cyclop”.

It will have the same utility as the “Looking Cyclop” (5 x free mints of the PFP Collectibles) + it will have another utility in the future of the roadmap!

It will be up for a 24 auction on Opensea as a 1/1 Edition.
Auction begins: February 11th. 6 PM Central Europe Time:

The dancing Cyclops remain the way as planned and they will be available on Februay 15th. More details on how that drop will be executed will follow next week.

Oh. One more thing! Actually two more things.

We will have two more (smaller) surprises before the PFP.

Our goal is to always stay transparent and Community-driven! We are always open for discussion on our Discord. But we also know: You love surprises and it is important to keep things exciting.

Bye for now,
The Cyclops Team.




We only got 1 eye. 👁 Cyclops Class Reunion