Delaying a Pre-Sale is a nightmare!

How did this happen?

A couple of weeks ago, due to the rather complex pre-sale (Mintpass Holders; Special Holders, General WL — all with different allocations and different mint rights & different mint prices) we have decided to switch from Merkle Proof to Signatures. Obviously this means it is not only the correct check of allocations on the back-end but the Frontend UI also needs to run a bunch of checks and make sure that dynamic settings work properly.

  • require: max 10 mint per wallet
  • check balanceOf Mintpass Collection
  • price 0.055

So what did we do?

Solving problems is one of the things you learn very early when you are in the creative sector. Launching a website, launching a campaign or finishing last minute changes before streaming for TV has been part of our job and life for many many years. We are used to react on stress situations and find the correct answers quickly.

Are we the first with problems?

Of course many great projects that have launched last 12 months had technical problems on the launch: Robotos, Gevols, PixelVault, Adidas — all had delays, were instantly sold out through bots, were stopped or postponed.

Wen Pre-Sale, now?

In the moment of writing we have identified the problem. We are currently re-writing a scripts and creating a workaround. With Gas pretty low we want to make sure that we realize the launch today, March 4th, which is 24 hours later.



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