Cyclops Mint (Pre-Sale)

4 min readMar 1, 2022


After selling out the Walking, Transforming and Dancing Cyclops through our Cyclops ERC1155 Specials Contract, we are now moving forward to the Cyclops Generative Mint which is the beginning of Phase 2 of our 2022 Roadmap!

1 — PRE SALE WHITELIST — MARCH 3rd (24 Hours!)

If you have a Cyclops Special, a EveryNFT Mintpass or have registered to the WL through partnerships and our Discord, you will be able to mint a CYCLOPS on March 3rd for 24 hours. So please make sure you are there on time!

On the Mintpage, we have three different sections.
⚠️ Please read the next passage carefully as there are many different options how you can mint, depending on your NFT holdings.⚠️

If you are a Mintpass Holder:

EveryNFT Mintpass Holder can mint up to 10 x CYCLOPS. You will have a reduced price of 0.055 ETH which is a bit more than 15% discount.

Important: If you also hold a Cyclops Special in your wallet: Please first use the Free Mint through the Specials Owner, before you use the mint through the Mintpass Owner function.

If you have a Black Mintpass: You will additionally receive 1 x Cyclops via Airdrop after the end of the pre-sale.

Even during the pre-sale, you can get a EveryNFT mintpass and access the pre-sale.

If you have a Cyclops Specials:

If you own a Walking Cyclop, a Dancing Cyclop or a Transforming Cyclop you can mint your Gas-Only Cyclops through the section “CYCLOPS Special Owners”.

The Owner Snapshot is on March 2nd at Noon Central Europe time. Any purchase of the Cyclops Specials after that time will not be allowed for a free mint.

If you have a Dancing Cyclop you can mint 1 x for Gas only.
If you have a Walking Cyclop you can mint 2 x for Gas only.
If you have a Transforming Cyclop you can mint up to 5 x for Gas only.

For example, you have 1 Dancing Cyclop, 2 Walking Cyclops = 5 Free (Gas-Only) Mints!

Important: You will also be able to mint extra Cyclops through the General WL Spot with the same wallet address. However, you MUST (!) first use the free mint before minting through the General WL Spot.

Extra Holders: If you hold a Mad Scientist + Bobo you can use this function to mint 1 x Free Cyclop.

If you recevied a General WL Spot:

If you have registered through the Discord, you own a Cyclops OG NFT or have won a WL Spot on Twitter or through Partnerships like Gevols, you will be on this list.

You will be able to mint up to 5x Cyclops using General WL Spot.

Once you connect your wallet, you will be able to see if you are on the allowlist.

Important: If you also own a Cyclops Special, please first mint your allowed Free Mints (Gas-Only) before using the General WL Spot.


After the end of the pre-sale we will announce a second step which we call Public Raffle. New members will be able to get a limited amount of extra Public Raffle spots through a Raffle that we will set up.

The Announcement with the link will be shared on March 4th and the Public Raffle Mint will take place on March 8th for 24 hours.


The final public mint (open for anybody) will start on March 15th and end latest four weeks afterwards.

This is the only and official Website:

Collection Size & Mint-Prices:
The Cyclops will have a max supply of 6.666 Editions.
- The Pre-Sale price is 0.066 ETH
- The Public Sale price is 0.077 ETH.


  • The Pre-Sale WL starts March 3rd (6pm Central Europe Time) and will be available only for 24 hours!
  • The Public Raffle starts March 8th (6pm Central Europe Time) and will be available only for 24 hours!
  • The Public Mint starts March 15th (6pm Central Europe Time) and will be available for a maximum period of 4 weeks or until we are sold out!

Contract & Reveal:
The Cyclops Generative project is a ERC721 contract.
We will share the verified contract address during pre-sale.
We will have INSTANT reveal.

Terms & Conditions
By using the CyclopsNFT.XYZ website or attempting to purchase a CYCLOPS NFT, you accept our Terms & Conditions in full.

Our Mod & Support Team is available in our Discord.
Please join our Discord:




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