Cyclops Governance Vote, Results and official Launch-Date!

2 min readMar 18, 2022


Work-In-Progress — Pre-Launch Promo

First off: We have a great and supportive community behind the project. It is so refreshing and positive to see this. While elsewhere it might be mostly about “flipping”, our community is actively thinking about how to get more reach or support the creative team. Thanks for that to everyone!

The Final Results

A few days ago we held a “governance” vote via Snapshot. One cyclop = one vote. The question was whether we want to reduce the supply and the mint price. The voting has been concluded with a 98.68% “YES”.

Due to the change, a new opportunity now presents itself: To crank up the “marketing” and “advertising drum” once again. Therefore, we as a team, with the responsibility that we are very aware of, to place the project as well as possible, decided to postpone the launch for a week to March 29th.

PUBLIC MINT: 29.03.2022

Looking at the sentiment, we see some Data that there is a slight switch towards more minting and we want to use this “upwind” for our project.

We have already written to a list of various people and “influencers”, and are also taking another 2 ETH or so advertising budget in hand. At the same time, illustrator Cans is working on several “promotional visuals” that we would like to use for promo purposes. Due to the slight postponement, we have another chance to make a lot of new buzz and implement the launch with a fresh wind.

The 29th will definitely not be postponed any more, the date is 100% fixed.

From a technical point of view, we have also adjusted the mobile minting in the meantime. The Mint website has also been adapted in the meantime and is already live.

Please join our Discord for more conversations, around the project.